Candy Christmas Build Event

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    Candy Christmas Build Event

    Time for this months build competition! The themes for the event are both Candy and Christmas! You can build a candy themed build or a christmas theme build if you want to but incorporating both themes into the build will give bonus points!

    • This is a shared event across all servers and there will be a total of six winners. The submissions will be rated by the event team and the top five will receive a prize. One randomly picked submission will also receive a prize.
    • Builds must be new and original. Copying someone else's build or recycling an older build is not allowed.
    • Builds must be built within the event period.
    • Builds can be any size, shape, or form but must follow a Candy theme, a Christmas theme or both.
    • Builds must be submitted by the end of Friday, December 21st, 2018.
    • Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018.
    • 1st Place - 25 Candy Keys + 1 Fly Voucher(7 days)
    • 2nd Place - 20 Candy Keys + 1 Fly Voucher(7 days)
    • 3rd Place - 15 Candy Keys + 1 Fly Voucher(7 days)
    • 4th Place - 15 Candy Keys
    • 5th Place - 10 Candy Keys
    • Random Winner - 5 Candy Keys
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