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  • Cafe Brawl Event


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    To celebrate Cafe Crate, Vulengate is having a brawl! The objective is to knock all your opponents off a ledge while trying not to get yourself knocked off. This is an individual event, not a team based one. There will be two rounds of this event. Both will take place on the Event Server. The IP is events.vulengate.com

    Saturday, 25th March 3PM UTC.
    Sunday, 26th March 1AM UTC.
    This is first come first serve, whitelist will open 5 minutes before the times listed. Only the
    first 60 people will be allowed in.


    • All regular Vulengate rules apply.
    • If you place first, you CAN continue to play that slot but CANNOT win another prize.
    • If you win in the first event, you may NOT participate in the second. If you did not win any prize in the first event, you MAY participate in the second


    Winners of each round-3x [Cafe] Keys2x [Events] Keys1x [Rainbow] Key
    Player with the most kills-3x [Cafe] Keys2x [Events] Keys
    Player with the second most kills-2x [Cafe] Keys1x [Events] Keys
    Player with the third most kills-1x [Cafe] Keys1x [Events] Keys

    Two random winners will win: 1x [Cafe] Key
    Six random winners will win: 1x [Events] Keys

    Any additional information will be pinned in the #events channel on discord!

    If you have any questions, please ask in #events and not in #questions.


    Brought to you by the Events Team

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