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  • Bullfighting Event


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    Welcome to Bullfighting!

    Our second Server vs Server event, coming this Saturday on the 9th May 7PM UTC.

    Please read the information below so you are aware of the rules, how the event will happen, and what the prizes are! Also please see the information pinned in #events on discord.


    The event contestant list will be set up in advance. We will need 15 names from each color server. So, 15 from red, 15 from blue, etc - and yes, purple too! People who don’t sign up within the time frame won’t be allowed to join in unfortunately, so get your name down on the list! We may run the event again at a later date, and we will make sure it will be different names (another reason why we need your names on the list!)

    To sign up, click below. Sign up closes on Friday the 8th May 7PM UTC.


    If you wish your name to go on the reserve list (so you can get to join if someone drops out) then let KDK99 know on discord via pm or #events, through the forums, or in the game on the main servers.


    There will be several rounds. One person from each color will fight the bulls/ravagers - so 5 players fighting at the same time. Each color has their own area. And you will have your own ravagers. You can’t get into each other’s area, just your own. The winner is the one who lasts the longest before the ravagers have you for dinner! That player will win 1 point for your color server. Staff will put a piece of colored wool up on your team’s scoreboard. The first team to get 7 points/pieces of wool will be the overall winning team. If everyone has had a turn and no team has 7 points, the team with the most wins, gets the key shower. The winning team will earn a key shower for their server color.
    After the main event, there will also be a couple of bonus rounds. One will be a staff-only event for you to all enjoy us being the targets! And the final round will be a free-for-all ~ everyone will be in the same arena at the same time! Whoever is the last player to die wins our special one-of-a-kind prize! Nobody else will ever get this prize, so you best be ready to survive! You will not be able to PVP each other in this event. It’s all about skill and staying alive! You will be given full health, new armor and a weapon before you take part in this final round. Everyone will have the same gear. You will be teleported, and the barriers will drop! Those ravagers will be hungry!


    The winning team will get a key shower for their color server. The time of this key shower will be given to those people in the winning team (so if blue wins, everyone from the blue team will receive a message to let them know what time the key shower will happen). It will be your responsibility to be on the server at that time. No further awards will be given out.

    The free-for-all round at the end will be a specialist item for the last player to die!

    All winners (individually) get themselves 3 Event Keys and 4 Seasonal Keys. You can only win these prizes once during the event.

    The first member of staff to die in the staff round will have to pay 5k to the person who died the quickest from the entire event! You can get that money on the server of your choice!


    We hope that you will really enjoy the event. Please ask questions in #events on discord if you want to know more. The usual event server rules will apply, and you can see these in pinned messages in #events on discord. A copy of these rules is also listed below for those who don’t use discord.

    The event server IP is:

    If that doesn’t work you can use: