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  1. Lucifer_Angels

    Lucifer_Angels New Member

    ign: Lucifer_Angels
    date of punishment: march 5th 2018
    reason for punishment: accused of hacking
    was punished by: Kureen
    why i should be pardoned:
    i wasn't hacking, i was told and showed video proof from kureen of me typing and attacking at the same time
    but i was not doing both simultaneously i have macros and keybinds that allow me to save text from what im typing i was told that my typing mod is not vannilla but it is vannila im using a chat mod that improves chat in ways like scrolling with my mouse and allows me to do other chat based items that makes me able to chat easier i have 3rd party macros and keybinds outside of minecraft and i have minecraft keybinds set appropraitly
    the vannilla copy paste is Ctrl A,Ctrl C for copy and Ctrl V for paste i have keybind that uses a macro to hit 4 buttons needed to copy and paste so if using macros is illegal im sorry and i can remove them if needed

    but i assure u im not hacking and i showed the video to other staff who understood and agreed with me that the video does not show me doing anything wrong or illegal unless my macros are illegal
  2. Ofyrecon

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    Mar 9, 2018
    Wait a bit man.
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