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    New Member
    Town Name - Ole Dank Fishing Village
    Which Server -Yellow
    x -1734, y 64, z 11883
    Town Mayor - Ole Dank Nicholas
    Town Population - thekingofgames12, Lapisz, Paaanda_, pinkmeds, mewdere, stanbrockhamton, keysloth, aiforon, OleDankNicholas
    Town Status - Open, Free

    within 200 blocks of another town, however they live in my town and I live in theirs (pinkmeds, mewdere) and we're all friends :)


    Hey there,

    I've been looking through applications today. Staff will come back and look again if you can do the following:

    1) Write up rules and info in your town hall - so what would happen if someone joined your town and then didn't log on for a couple of months? Some mayors have storage areas, others give back to the community - some ensure they'll store valuable items and share out the rest. Specify a time frame for this too so how long would someone have to be offline before you got rid of their stuff?

    2) Be sure to keep your signs polite!

    3) I saw that you have a town mine, but just note that we also have the resource world and it would be great if you could promote that idea :) Unless of course you're hoping they'll clear out a big area for a future project!

    I look forward to coming back as it looks like a great place!



    New Member
    1. Added a 1 month inactivity period and we have a community chest area but most people just use their own plots
    2. that's fair lmao
    3. Probably gonna end up closing it because I also use resource rather than the mines and tell people to do the same