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  • Ancient Greece Olympics


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    For the second and final event following this theme we are holding an Olympics tomorrow, Sunday at 3PM EDT. There will be multiple small events and the winner of each event will receive prizes! There is also a Grand Prize at the end!

    Trident Throw
    Track Race

    There will be 2 prize categories. One for each event, where you win smaller prizes and points. And one at the end where the players with the most points will win bonus prizes. All participants in each event also receive one point.

    Each Event
    1st: 5 Ancient Greece Keys + 5 Points
    2nd: 3 Ancient Greece Keys + 3 Points
    3rd: 1 Ancient Greece Key + 2 Points
    Everyone: 1 Point

    Final Prizes
    1st: 10 Ancient Greece Keys + 1 Week Fly Voucher + Trophy
    2nd: 5 Ancient Greece Keys + 1 Week Fly Voucher + Trophy
    3rd: 3 Ancient Greece Key + 1 Week Fly Voucher + Trophy
    Random Winner x 5: 3 Ancient Greece Key

    All server rules apply.
    The event will be hosted on event.vulengate.com.
    You will be able to join the server 30 minutes before start.
    To participate all you need to do is be on the event server.
    You can join later and participate in the later events.
    Misbehaving or ignoring instructions may lead to disqualification.
    Information and rules for each event


    okay so for me this event was from 21:00 - 01 and i sacrificed allot of sleep for this lmao

    Bowshooting : Fun but took too long to finish up. really nice way to compete with 3 different lengths, kind of hard to prepare for that since we didnt know the range we would shoot at so fair game.



    Swimming: Was a fun competition and wait time wasnt long

    Javelin throw: fun to do but was cramped up and was hard to read the rules because so many people, aswell as you had limited Viewing of the competition.

    Pig, Running, boat race : Now this was one of my favorite, i really thought the map was amazingly well made and i really liked the fact that the javelin throw was just inside of the racing circle +1 for creativity


    Football: first time done on this server so i understand there was a few problems to begin with but overall it was kinda fun to play exept the fact that the enemy team scored double on us in just 1 minute. Only reason we got a second chance is because my team stood in the middle of the field.

    Event just took a bit too long, and much longer than i anticipated allthough the mods worked so hard on this event so im really thankful for the time spent making this map and keeping us all in line.

    negative: a bigger observation possibility would have been nice for many of the events. Maybe have the chance to be above the swimmers on glass or invisible blocks would have been nice.

    Bigger areas to move in during javeline throw, and Stands to sit in for example during football would have been nice

    Positive: really thankful for the work the mods, builders have put into this. really love the idea of competing in several things.
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