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    I've been on this server since august of last year. But I have not really made a proper introduction. Here is some information about me. I started Minecraft back in 2012 under the name Adamnewbie. At first I was not really a survival player. I would just create random worlds and just fly around placing random blocks and exploring the landscape. I then started getting into multiplayer servers. The first server I join was made by a friend of my brothers. It was on normal gamemode and I would hide in my house and not really do much. My brothers friend later moved out of town. The second was probably the first official server I joined. It was a creative building server. I played on it for about a year helping out the server and building things. I got bored of that server and months later it shut down. I lost interest in Minecraft for a couple of months because I was playing other video games like ROBLOX and Starbound. Once I got back in. I found this server called Peaceful farms. It was a economy oriented survival server. You would create these massive automatic farms that would allow you to rank up for higher sell prices. I eventually got staff on that server I was a trainee for about 1 and a half years then a mod for 2 and a half. Eventually the server wore me out. I tried to find other servers. I played 2bt2 for 2 months then a city server. I got bored of those. I eventually found this server and I have been playing ever since. I like building things that benefit the server I have helped several players out with projects. I'm currently working on a project to transform an entire minecraft biome. This has taken me 1 month so far but i'm almost done with it. I have made other projects on server in the past. On Peaceful Farms I made a 8 story underground player mall with a working elevator and skylight. My plan on this server is to create a town with a railway linking to an ocean monument surrounded by a player mall. I already have the area set out and a flag for it. The name of the town is Birchwood and is going to have a town government. I have a couple other smaller projects as well. I'm trying to make myself well known in this community by helping people out and making it a better place. That's about it. I enjoy this server a lot.
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    Pleasure to meet you, Adam! c: