Abandoned Town Project

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    Sep 26, 2018
    Hi all,
    I'm no a longer hugely active member and have now unclaimed over 70,000 blocks along a coastline and peninsula which housed two of my builds from a year ago on BLUE.

    At coords 4609 / 91 / 335 now sits a large abandoned church at the centre of a sleepy village well fortified by the sea and walls. Beneath this church and some sections of the village winds catacombs and other oddities that once housed my base.

    If you cross the North facing bridge over the river and follow the coast you will find the 'ransacked' but still semi-functional farming village fitted with fields and canals. (4507 / 64 / 76).

    Additionally at 3759 / 63 / -6352 lies the half drained water temple I got bored of clearing. This one is first come first serve, go ham.

    The majority of supplies I have already entrusted to my friend Sodahilll, but I invite you all to have a share of whatever resources remain (there is not much as I dumped most into public circulation). This post is primarily to memorialise the abandoned project, and leave evidence that I once made my mark of the landscape.

    Have a good week! :)
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    May 25, 2019
    Checked it out, this is amazing! Love the style of it, too. Thanks for posting, I feel like a lot of people probably just disappear and their art is left behind. Very well done. P.S. - Jefferson is doing very well.