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    1. BigBoiBilly

      Rented a plot and can't destroy some of the old blocks

      My apologies, admittedly I don't check in here as often as I should, however, I believe bokuuto has already cleared the plot for you! In the future, you can ask for staff in-game and someone should be able to help you, or, you can join our discord server here where all staff are actively...
    2. BigBoiBilly

      Rented a plot and can't destroy some of the old blocks

      A staff member will have to come and remove those parts for you so that we can store them for the old owner to collect. What realm is this on and what is your ign so that someone can come and sort this out for you?
    3. BigBoiBilly

      Please Help - Spawner Help

      Hey there. You can upgrade your spawners by first of all placing one, then, while holding another spawner of the same type, right-click the one you have placed as shown in this video. Let me know if you're still having problems.
    4. BigBoiBilly


      Welcome to Vulengate! Feel free to join our discord server if you haven't already, there you can chat with people from the orange realm as well as meet new people from the other realms https://discord.gg/vulengate
    5. BigBoiBilly

      what dose Mcmmo lvls do? and why is there 2 diffrent lvls?

      mcmmo levels are essentially skills, each one gives you different perks, for example mcmmo mining gives you superbreaker which makes your pickaxe super fast for a short amount of time, and also has passive abilities such as double drop chance for mining blocks so mining 1 iron ore has a chance...
    6. BigBoiBilly

      Lets Count!

    7. BigBoiBilly

      i ruined the server logo

      it's beautiful
    8. BigBoiBilly


      Welcome to vulengate! Feel free to join our discord server if you haven't done so already, here you can meet other people who also play on vulengate, you can contact staff if you need help with something on the server, and you can also keep up-to-date with any changes or events going on with the...
    9. BigBoiBilly

      cat spawner turned to pig spawner?

      Hey there. Please put the spawner in your /pv 1 and respond to this post with which realm you play on (red, blue, green, yellow, purple or orange) and what your in game name is and I will replace that for you. Alternatively tell any staff member you see online about it and they will be able to...
    10. BigBoiBilly

      How do i get onto the discord

      Hey Ocian, You should be able to join our discord server by following this link, https://discord.gg/vulengate.
    11. BigBoiBilly

      multicolored names in nick telling me to use alphanumberic?

      Hey I recommend this website to help with your colour codes, you can select the colours you want and it then tells you what you need to type. In the example below, you would type /nick &2t&3e&4s&5t and your nickname would show like the text on the right.
    12. BigBoiBilly

      Disguised as a wolf and it shows i have no armor on theni undisguise and my helmet is gone :(

      It seems you dropped the helmet around 11 hours ago from the time I am writing this in the parkour in spawn and it has since despawned. I have retrieved it and put it in your inventory but be careful with where you drop things in the future, and you might want to change your drop key to prevent...
    13. BigBoiBilly

      Disguised as a wolf and it shows i have no armor on theni undisguise and my helmet is gone :(

      Hey, can you please provide the realm this happened on and your ign so we are able to look in to this issue for you.
    14. BigBoiBilly

      Servers down?

      Hi Netrunner, Yes the servers are still currently down for maintenance, if you have a discord account feel free to join the vulengate discord using this link https://discord.com/invite/fpJ5px5 and you can keep an eye on #notice-board and #changelog for any updates.
    15. BigBoiBilly

      Faelyn isle, Town Application

      Hey flexy, Can you please check the coordinates, it seems the ones you have provided are incorrect. Thanks, Billy
    16. BigBoiBilly

      Ghost Town (yellow) ownership change

      Hi PrincessofGames, I have relayed this information to the admins.
    17. BigBoiBilly


      Hi Martian, unfortunately we do not give information out about the plugins we use to the players, however if you had any questions about some of the custom enchants themselves, feel free to ask!
    18. BigBoiBilly

      How do i obtain elevators? (SOLVED)

      If you go to /menu, then to the one which says in game shop, there should be an elevator section in there. They cost 15k each and you need 2 to make it work (one at the top, one at the bottom).
    19. BigBoiBilly

      BigBoiBilly Appreciation Thread

      well, you're not wrong
    20. BigBoiBilly

      BigBoiBilly Appreciation Thread

      I think you guys missed the part where it says "type NICE things"