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    1. Chloe


      Hey RED players... Have you noticed that Nurppaz30 likes to ask everyone for one piece of dirt? Some ppl decline her request, but some of us do oblige. Today she showed me her collection. She names each one after the player that gave it to her!!! Isn't this so cute?! lol If she asks you for one...
    2. Chloe

      Proof of Life!

      Instead of playing on Minecraft all day I spent time with my girls. My bestfriend turned 21 today!! See? I do have a life, sometimes lol ;) Hope everyone had a fun Sunday.
    3. Chloe

      Hello!! Sort-Of New Here

      Yep Im Chloe. Love this server. So many incentives to stay on and play. OMG I even get online while at work lol. I am team RED btw :)