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      Bullfighting Signup

      IGN: Destoryer666 Disc:destoryer666#7279 Blue
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      Elytra Race - Stage 1

      In Game Name - Destoryer666 Discord Username - destoryer666#7279
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      Medieval Build Event Submission

      destoryer666 blue x 5653 z 5883
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      Medieval Crate

      who made the crates kureen?
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      Medieval Crate

      lol, like it, yet still need the chest plate and the boss xd
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      Vulengate Boat Race Sign Up

      In Game Name : Destoryer666
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      team pvp and take over event

      there will be balance on each team, with main blue palyer mix with red and green server's player
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      team pvp and take over event

      Next weekend June 30th(Saturday) time PDT 2 pm, on blue server. Destoryer666 is hosting a team pvp / take over event. the winning team get one key per player on their team, and the person who get the banner gets 3. (Egyptian keys) . There will be two teams, one is blue , one is red. the key of...
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      Updated town warp application

      i have 12 beacons xd
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      town app

      town's name : Golden Leaf Mayor : xwolffi server : blue current member amount : 11 town include maps, pass, farm, subway system, and a town hall has info about the town. our town is open at all times, active players are xwolffi and destoryer666, they are on about everyday. we are having a...