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    1. Connor

      Idk What To Call This

      yeah its been a long time since ive seen ya.
    2. Connor

      Minecraft color codes!

      It literally has what you have and it's been around longer than this.
    3. Connor

      Minecraft color codes!

      yeah also this link made by @Hailey also tells the color codes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PC2Ov7h_1hxyhcjBSA7tsT-9oOyMUK1yBRK9J00fSkw/edit#heading=h.x6k305dmcopb
    4. Connor

      Halloween/Christmas boss Concepts

      well thats the closest thing i can think of for "undead elves'
    5. Connor

      Halloween/Christmas boss Concepts

      could the undead elves be vex?
    6. Connor

      Sci-fi/Space Build Event

      Awesome I hope everyone has some creative builds
    7. Connor

      Boss Arena Viewing Area

      its a boss "arena". yeah you can get a free tp there to see what it looks like. but MAYBE add some barriers above the arena and set a warp there so people can look down and see whats going on but while not conflicting with he fight at hand.
    8. Connor

      The Guild Of Trade Co.

      @Pter the Devils Den??
    9. Connor

      On the verge of tears

      sucks how people like him think that even in pm's they can think they are protected.
    10. Connor


      its not hard for admins and above to add the warp. but you also have to think on the server, just because they are jailed and cant do anything doesn't mean you can still make fun of them. Just like if someone is muted and you start talking crap about them, then you can get punished. so i dont...
    11. Connor

      Art Submission: Red

      like can i buy your whole stock? Edit: And then some?
    12. Connor

      Lets Count!

    13. Connor

      Art Submission- Red

      In Game Name :ConnorsHere Art Name:firey_love Coordinates to Art:-2419, 83, 1725 Screenshot of Art: E D I T: Has already been taken care of thru in game communication.
    14. Connor

      Another FREE MVP!

      all entries after this will be invalid
    15. Connor

      Another FREE MVP!

      Everyone im terribly sorry but the give away will have to be later on the 4th in EST time zone it will be at 10 pm. The reason why its this late is family issues so please try to understand. so just because of this I will just give you the mvp in case if you win and your not on to message me to...
    16. Connor

      Another FREE MVP!

      does it have the "-" in front of your discord name?
    17. Connor

      Boss Egg Changes

      well no one that ik of ever says that. they actually say the complete opposite. "hey Im doing the boss, DONT JOIN!" and people say that because too many people join and its annoying because you cant hit the boss and someone with knock back 10 billion is hitting him. and too many people means...
    18. Connor

      Another FREE MVP!

      that would be your problem if you can not wake up with in 12 hours. Im not going to change the rule just because of your sleeping schedule. 12 hours is just fine.
    19. Connor

      Illustrious- Town Application

    20. Connor

      Another FREE MVP!

      i remember you from the last one :)