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    1. RocketZ1

      Elon musk

      The community of green has started a petition to give me, RocketZ1 an Elon musk tag for my contribution to going to space with my Rocket and its fuel. Please consider this :D. petitions are not a thing so it will be a poll instead.
    2. RocketZ1

      Expanding of Vulengate

      This post might seem weird or disliked but I am putting my opinion out there in ways that Vulengate could expand and grow. I'm a member of the community that has been around for about 1 1/2 years. I've put many hours into Vulengate but never the less in a survival world there is only so much...
    3. RocketZ1

      Increasing the Mob count for all servers

      Hello, admins and other players! I don't know if someone has already made a post on this but I've seen maannny people request a mob increase from the current one. (dont change anything wether it does get increased but I've added a poll in this post to see how many people agree and disagree If...
    4. RocketZ1

      Vulengate Crashed Or Offline....

      Hello I am posting this to see if anyone else is having the same problem that I am having, The server is down for me I have checked my internet and everything that might effect whats happing I am all good on my end, Has Vulengate been shutdown or crashed? Also the website keeps crashing for me too
    5. RocketZ1

      The /buy rank upgrade

      I dont know why the /buy rank upgrade was removed or if it will come back but I noticed that if I wanted to upgrade my current rank I would have to buy the full price of the next one, is there any chance that it can be put back into the servers /buy? I have heard the same from a lot of others on...