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    1. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    2. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    3. Willhire

      Town Application- Osias

      This is what I like to see
    4. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    5. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    6. Willhire

      Featured Art Submission - Green

      Honestly this painting looks great
    7. Willhire

      Custom Enchantment Books *Blue*

      I am currently looking for Custom Enchanted Books from the Gladiator Crate on the Blue Server. I am personally trying to get the following; Execute Strength Critical Hit Poison Wither If you have any of these books and more on the Blue server, please contact me on discord, Willhire#7741, or in...
    8. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    9. Willhire

      howdy!! c:

      Hope you guys have a good time on the server.
    10. Willhire

      Elon musk

      Honestly, this seems cool but I don’t think admins would go for it. I voted yes, just for the spirits though.
    11. Willhire

      Lets Count!

    12. Willhire

      How many times have you changed your MC name?

      Honestly I struck gold with this name, so when I purchased Minecraft in 2012 and no one had it, it was a good day.
    13. Willhire

      Crevess Bay

      Where are the coordinates? I’ll happily look around.
    14. Willhire

      I'm William, but usually people call me Will.

      I'm William, but usually people call me Will.