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    1. _lilwalnutt

      Lil'sTown (Green Realm)

      Thank you! I've let an admin know to add a warp to your town. :-)
    2. _lilwalnutt

      Lil'sTown (Green Realm)

      Is this good or do you want the tp to be inside?
    3. _lilwalnutt

      Lil'sTown (Green Realm)

      Looks great! Would you still like the coords to be -23541 65 18692, or do you want to change it to be in front of the town hall? Those coords currently teleport to near the disposal.
    4. _lilwalnutt

      Lil'sTown (Green Realm)

      Town meets all requirements but is missing a town hall, please send a message here once a town hall has been built! ❤️
    5. _lilwalnutt

      mined my cave spider spawner now it's gone

      No, when spawners are fixed completely there will be an announcement or a post in the 'resolved-issues' thread.
    6. _lilwalnutt

      Nice pfp fenny c where'd you get it

      Nice pfp fenny c where'd you get it
    7. _lilwalnutt

      Goober Town

      Thanks for submitting a town application! I've notified an admin to add your town to our list of warps :)
    8. _lilwalnutt

      Axolotl glitch

      Hey there, Could you please leave the coordinates to where your axolotl was? Someone can take a look :) Also, apologies for a delayed response. If you haven't already, I'd suggest that you join our discord. You can make support tickets on there when you need staff assistence, and we see those a...
    9. _lilwalnutt

      Azalea Cove

      Hey there, Your town is beautiful! I'll accept your town application and let an admin know to add it to the warps. :) One thing, however, I noticed that your farm is unfinished. Please finish the farm up when you can, as that's one of our town requirements!
    10. _lilwalnutt

      _PinkWhale ban appeal (not)

      Hey, We don't allow inappropriate usernames on our server as we are family friendly. The amount of money that you spend on the server does not give you any special treatment. If you break one of our rules, you are punished for it - no matter what your donation status is. I wouldn't consider it...
    11. _lilwalnutt

      Circle City Town Application

      Alright, I've checked it all out and your town officially meets the requirements! I'll notify an admin to add your town to our list. :)
    12. _lilwalnutt

      WitchPort Town Application

      Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. I've looked over your town and it looks great! I love the theme. However, could you possibly add a larger variety of crops to your farm? I also couldn't find specific instructions on how to join the town. While I assume you would get in contact with the...
    13. _lilwalnutt

      Circle City Town Application

      Hello, Looking over your town, it does meet all of the requirements except the resident count, as you mentioned. I also was only able to find a couple houses, could you leave the coords to all the houses of your residents just so I can double check?
    14. _lilwalnutt

      Azreal's Arc

      No, town apps can take a bit to process so please be patient!
    15. _lilwalnutt

      Azreal's Arc

      Sorry, I haven’t had time to get on and check. I’ve asked someone else to look and give another opinion though
    16. _lilwalnutt

      Azreal's Arc

      Hi, I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I’d probably go around and look at other towns to see the sizes of theirs and get an idea on how big yours should be.
    17. _lilwalnutt

      Azreal's Arc

      Hello! Thank you for applying. Everything looks good, however your farm is a little small. Could you possibly make it larger? Let me know when you do and then you will meet all of the requirements :)
    18. _lilwalnutt

      Zoo Build Event

      Hi, we currently don't have any upcoming events, however the forums aren't always updated. I highly suggest you join our discord server if you haven't already, as we always announce our events there! https://discord.gg/vulengate
    19. _lilwalnutt

      Minecraft color codes!

      Hi, you can get a couple of chat color commands with MVP and MVP+. MVP will give you access to /chatcolor yellow, and MVP+ will give you access to /chatcolor gold. Unfortunately, these are the only two /chatcolor commands that are available. If you’d like to use other color codes in chat...