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    1. Nawas

      Steampunk Crate

      love it. Great to have another loot sword as people where hoarding the agony and peleus! thanks
    2. Nawas

      Freestyle Artmap Event Results

    3. Nawas

      Fox Morph?

      fox morph is added to the game now
    4. Nawas

      Freestyle Artmap Event

      In game name: Nawas Server color: Green Coordinates to art: X:- 11425 Y:63 z: 8877 Screenshots (optional):
    5. Nawas

      Overgrown Build Event Entry

      Nvm im dropping out. i need to finnish something else im sorry
    6. Nawas

      Overgrown Build Event Entry

      In-game name: Nawas
    7. Nawas

      Overgrown Crate

      its an excellent crate :)
    8. Nawas

      Spawn Refresh

      I like it allot. Great work ^^
    9. Nawas

      Minecraft color codes!

      @Hailey is there any possibilities that that commandlist could be filled out completly ? :D :)
    10. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

      New video out
    11. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

    12. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

      Town Updates: Active Projects: Skull cave + spawners: Farm + Stable:
    13. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

      Treehouse village on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkebsV1veb8YvRTzQdH0Obg?view_as=subscriber
    14. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

      Treehouse village rule book: Please read through this and be sure to let us know that you either accept or decline these terms. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Index: 1: Short briefing 2...
    15. Nawas

      Treehouse Village (Official Thread)

      Welcome to the official treehouse village thread. Here we will post everything related to the treehouse village. Treehouse village Discord: https://discord.gg/SGRqc6Z You must have a role in order to be able to speak.You will get one if you join the treehouse village, however you can also join...
    16. Nawas

      Dynasty Crate

      Good crate :) really enjoyed the panda spawner and the bow, great stuff !
    17. Nawas

      Lets Count!

    18. Nawas

      Rank bug

      yes but the 8 auction house slots should be apart of that. so 5 + voucher = at least 8. and it still last another 21-22 days which means what good is that 8 item voucher for now ?
    19. Nawas

      Rank bug

      I use to be able to sell 8 items in the Auction house but after getting wanderer rank im only able to sell 5 items even though im suppose to be able to sell 2 more items. It is now 2 items less than I could put up before getting the rank wanderer Is there a temporary or permanent solution to...
    20. Nawas

      Ninja Crate

      I agree to this! +1 however there should be an Enchanted crossbow with this crate aswell i think