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    1. butterflysoup

      butterflysoup - Clayfaire Town Application

      i thought i put it at a decent size! is it too small ;w;
    2. butterflysoup

      butterflysoup - Clayfaire Town Application

      Town Name - Clayfaire Which Server - Blue Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - /tppos 5052 66 14845 Town Mayor - butterflysoup Town Population - 16 Town Status - Application Required
    3. butterflysoup

      BigBoiBilly Appreciation Thread

      why are we celebrating billy
    4. butterflysoup

      Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    5. butterflysoup

      Lets Count!

    6. butterflysoup


      as cool as this would be, i'm not sure if this would be able to be done with the plugin
    7. butterflysoup

      ur actually so cute

      ur actually so cute
    8. butterflysoup

      Lets Count!

    9. butterflysoup

      Lets Count!

    10. butterflysoup

      Lets Count!

    11. butterflysoup

      Vulengate Carnival

      SO HYPED!!!
    12. butterflysoup

      bigmoneycerts introduction

      welcome to vulengate!!!!
    13. butterflysoup

      Blastier3 Introduction

    14. butterflysoup

      in my last class and i am so incredibly bored

      in my last class and i am so incredibly bored
    15. butterflysoup

      Carnival Art Event

      epic!!! good luck to all!!!
    16. butterflysoup

      Vulengate Olympics

      WAHOO!!! this looks like so much fun hype
    17. butterflysoup

      bezos II

      bezos II
    18. butterflysoup

      jaz's introduction!

      ︻デ═一.˖˚˳・⋯` % ・hi!! i'm jaz / butterflysoup!!・%// ╰╮pronouns: she/they -- ·˚ ˀ₎ ︵ hi all! i'm jaz :D i'm not quite sure if i've done an introduction yet so heres mine ! i've been playing vulengate since dec 2020 i believe? i used to play on yellow but now i main blue! i'm loving my experience...
    19. butterflysoup

      Merakiqq's Into

      hi morgan!!!!!