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    1. L3mur

      Elytra Race - Stage 2

      _L3mur_ also known as L3mur#1385 (never saw it coming, i know)
    2. L3mur

      Christmas Tree Build Event 2019 Submissions

      IGN: _L3mur_ Server: Green 533 / 84 / 1504 No pictures, no spoilers! ~YaBoiL3mur
    3. L3mur

      Overgrown Build Event Entry

      IGN: _L3mur_ Im good at making fauna and trees, let us see if the theme has anything to do with overgrown stuff. ~YaBoiL3mur
    4. L3mur

      Post-apocalyptic Build Event Submissions

      Hello, commander...y-yes we did launch the missile codenamed "Nuclear Holocaust" as you wished, the launch was perfect...the landing...d-didn't go to plan. The warhead hit a giant flock of birds while heading to the landing coordinates and fell off course, it hit a nearby desert instead of Elk...
    5. L3mur

      How many times have you changed your MC name?

      So players, changing your MC name is pretty common these days, especially since it's free, unlike other services. *Xbox* But this forum thread is for people to tell everyone what, when, why and how many times you have changed your MC name. I would recommend using this format to make it easier to...
    6. L3mur

      First Monthly Boat Race Championship on the Athens Circuit

      I'm ready to race some boats my training will finally be worth it.
    7. L3mur

      Winter Art Event Submissions

      In Game Name: _L3mur_ Server: Green Coordinates to art: 572 / 64 / 1425 Link/image of original art: I drew this without a reference picture. Screenshots: Can't figure out how to upload pictures in a reply so no pictures :L
    8. L3mur

      Christmas Tree Build Event Submissions

      Name: _L3mur_ Server: Green Coords: -7525 / 64 / 8915 No screenshots, its a surprise ;)
    9. L3mur

      Fall Art Event Submission

      Server: Green Name: _L3mur_ Coords: X -6900 / Y 26 / Z -1214 i freestyled my art Picture: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/401742966080798727/510630773787852800/unknown.png
    10. L3mur

      The Art Restoration Project - Green

      panda ~Sparkly_Glitter
    11. L3mur

      The Art Restoration Project - Green

      bowser ~ _L3mur_ SunsetPoste ~ SoulReaperHades (in order from left to right) penguin smol_fox kitten ~ Sparkly_Glitter Red_Sun ~ _L3mur_
    12. L3mur

      Halloween/Christmas boss Concepts

      I like that idea but i think that would be too hard to hit, plus i dont know if they are able to do that in the plugin. Really good idea tho
    13. L3mur

      Halloween/Christmas boss Concepts

      Here you can post your Halloween or Christmas boss ideas. My Halloween boss Concept: Name: Jack Skeleton/Undead King...
    14. L3mur

      Athens First Official Boat Race Competition

      OH YAH BOIIIII you know im gonna join this SIGN ME UP
    15. L3mur

      Medieval Crate

      Now give us the boss. I NEED IT. <3
    16. L3mur

      Medieval Crate

      Now give us the boss. I NEED IT. <3
    17. L3mur

      Vulengate Boat Race Sign Up

      In Game Name : TheHumanCreep
    18. L3mur

      Hawaiian Build Event

      In Game Name : TheHumanCreep Server : Green Coordinates to build : -2034 / 77 / -891 Screenshots : http://prntscr.com/k9a9vr / http://prntscr.com/k9aag8 / http://prntscr.com/k9aak2
    19. L3mur

      i drew a dragon head

      i drew a dragon head
    20. L3mur

      New Ruler of Grass!

      New Ruler of Grass!