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    1. butterflysoup

      butterflysoup - Clayfaire Town Application

      Town Name - Clayfaire Which Server - Blue Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - /tppos 5052 66 14845 Town Mayor - butterflysoup Town Population - 16 Town Status - Application Required
    2. butterflysoup

      jaz's introduction!

      ︻デ═一.˖˚˳・⋯` % ・hi!! i'm jaz / butterflysoup!!・%// ╰╮pronouns: she/they -- ·˚ ˀ₎ ︵ hi all! i'm jaz :D i'm not quite sure if i've done an introduction yet so heres mine ! i've been playing vulengate since dec 2020 i believe? i used to play on yellow but now i main blue! i'm loving my experience...