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      Hello guys!

      Hey guys! I go by Mistpaw837 in game (My username used to be Kid_Cats_Rule so thats why my forums name is that :3) I am an enthusiastic teenage girl who really enjoys survival. I have been playing for a few months now so... Yea its due time for this I really have enjoyed my time with you guys...
    2. K

      Art Submission: Green :D

      In Game Name : Mistpaw837 Art Name: KermitMeme Coordinates to Art: x6888, y63, z4523 Screenshot of Art:
    3. K

      Name change

      This is here bc I dont know where else to put it I changed my MC name since I made this account to 'Mistpaw837'.. How to change it on here if theres a possible way?!
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      Kicked for Spamming

      Kicked for Spamming - A message I'm sure we've all seen. Whether its backspacing your text to clear a sentence, or if your just a fast typer like myself, its annoying, and a real pain in the butt. My suggestion is making the speed or whatever higher before you get kicked for spamming like we all...
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      Town Application - Stone Edge

      Town Name - Stone Edge Which Server - Green Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - x7128, y63, z4557 Town Mayor - Mistpaw837 (Co-mayor RuebloxYT) Town Population - 7 Town Status - Open! I will accept anyone, so long as they understand the rules and do not grief.