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    1. NicolasBedwars

      Item Giveaway (Orange)

      At 5:30 est I will be doing an Item giveaway and will be giving away over 200 items some OP some normal survival. Additional Info: Tpa to (NicolasBedwars when you are ready for the giveaway on (ORANGE
    2. NicolasBedwars

      Improving my pw

      I play on orange But if you want me to I can transfer to green and help you with your Pw
    3. NicolasBedwars

      What should I do?

      Thank you for voting
    4. NicolasBedwars

      New Jobs

      I think we should add some new jobs like explorer and more. My idea for the Explorer is that you get money by going into biomes you have never visited. The way you could code this is by creating a If statement then making it so that when you are in a biome it broadcasts a message. When received...
    5. NicolasBedwars

      Selling a base at the world border on Orange

      I am selling a nice base on Orange. It comes with a pre-built chest room and a nice view of the world border. Secret rooms and more with special items inside. Price: 100k Base Materials: Spruce, Stone Bricks, And more Send a message to NikoBB1234#2919 on discord if you are interested...
    6. NicolasBedwars

      I am just another person on Vulengate that enjoys the game.

      I am just another person on Vulengate that enjoys the game.
    7. NicolasBedwars

      What should I do?

      I have wanted to do several things but I have not been able to decide what to do. Please vote below for what I should do.