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    1. CarrotSoup

      Elysium Town Application

      Town Name - Elysium Which Server - Red Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - -4439, 79, -269 Town Mayor - Carrotsoup Town Population - 10 Town Status - Open
    2. CarrotSoup

      Elysium Grand Opening on Red

      After months of work i've finally decided to open the town of Elysium to the public! Just /mail me or /msg me (carrotsoup) on the red server and I'll give you a tour of the town. Citizens have the option of purchasing a plot, or buying one of the many pre-built homes in town. I am also offering...
    3. CarrotSoup

      Custom Homes In a New Town (Red Server)

      ELYSIUM I'll be opening a new town in the coming weeks on the red server. This town will feature custom homes! This means I will build a home for you and the materials and layouts are almost entirely customizable to your liking. The only aspects of these homes that I won't be changing...
    4. CarrotSoup


      Hello! My name is Erin but I go by Carrot or CarrotSoup as well. I've been playing on the server for about 6 months now (Red server mostly) but I never made an introduction on the old website so I may as well here. I'm a laid back college student who spends too much time on my computer playing...