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    • I don't know that Hailey the Moderator will answer but perhaps you can. What's the deal with the matching anime pictures between certain staff?
      A while back we got custom profile pictures done for SrMods and above. So those who have the profile pictures were SrMods or above at the time :)
      What artist did you commission?
      Hi. I am having trouble logging on. I get the message 'not whitelisted on this server'. I've been on the server for a few weeks, and have enjoyed chatting and trading with a lot of members. I play on red. I don't understand why I can't get on. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
      Exactly the same thing for me. I disconnected less than 1hr ago and now can't get back on.
      Hey dude, my username is Cloud_Nothing and I was hoping to appeal to a ban, I was banned 11/4/2018 for taking some things from a chest i found in the wild, Kesume banned me and if you could help me I'll return what I took from it. I've been playing vulengate for a few weeks and I really like the house I built there.
      I have a Wild Cutlass and a Wild Multibow that has "rejuvenation" and was told you could get me one that has the correct spelling?
      Yes, what is your minecraft name and what server do you play on? If I find you online I can replace them for you!
      Two questions.
      1. Can you be able to check any player's rank?
      2. How can I find out what perks each rank of staff has if I can't, what perka do the have?
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