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    • I want to move the portal but this problem goes deeper than that. I ask that Jade_Moon's wrongdoings are brought to her attention and that she be punished the way we were. Thank you for your time. I hope that I am more successful in finding help when addressing a senior moderator.
      He was helpful and trying to be respectful but I feel that we were antagonized while Jade_Moon was being protected. She is not innocent in this, and i ask that people do not turn a blind eye at the truth.
      I ask that you treat us fairly when looking at the problem. That said, the situation is detailed in the report i posted about an hour ago. Lewy attempted to deal with the situation trying to find a way to move the nether portal.
      I would like to bring to your attention a situation that has been causing me great distress. There has been a back and forth between Jade_Moon and I. She clearly has benefits in the game as her hand in the problem has been addressed with priority. I
      Hi, i got banned today for HaileyYm, i don't know if this is your username but if it is, please remove the ban. I started playing around the previous week and i play my game legit, i have my house, my things and got banned from nowhere. So if HaileyYM is you, please remove the ban. Thanks.
      Hi! i think i was banned by you today (it was someone named HaileyYm or something like that) with no reason. I was banned right after someone said that the spam attack started again. Btw i was advised by someone during the spam to rank up so i won't be seen as a bot and be baned (i ranked up as an explorer). Please help me. Thanks!
      Hey dude, my username is Cloud_Nothing and I was hoping to appeal to a ban, I was banned 11/4/2018 for taking some things from a chest i found in the wild, Kesume banned me and if you could help me I'll return what I took from it. I've been playing vulengate for a few weeks and I really like the house I built there.
      My name is Turtlegirl08
      I got baned by HaileyYM
      On 2018-03-13
      I got baned for "Greifing'
      Pls unban me
      Im sorry if I've done somthing wrong...I think I got banned because I broke somthings in my friends home.I love this sever and I promise Never to greif again!
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