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    1. Emma

      Just a question (plz read)

      Hello, Today i am not able to get on since i am going to school, But i couldn't stop thinking about the blue server. Is it up yet?
    2. Emma

      Crates (Please read completely)

      So I've heard the new crate came out, But you can only get the key by purchasing it, or getting it from other crates, and you can also get a key by winning a game, and that got me thinking. There are some players in the game who are not able to buy keys from a store either because they don't...
    3. Emma

      Any Random Question.

      My friend told me, then it got stuck in my head
    4. Emma

      team pvp and take over event

      Wait i still dont get it
    5. Emma


      Money game, or irl money, either one
    6. Emma


      You should make it so that we can buy more homes
    7. Emma

      Maze Run

      you forgot the "05" in my name but its cool.
    8. Emma

      Any Random Question.

      What was the man doing to the cow when he discovered milk?