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    1. Emirry

      Old Times

      I used to be very active on the server, from Red to Blue when there were only 2 and now I am sometimes on Purple. I started on the server back in 2017, where I met a player who then went by stuffedbutt, they changed it later to FishOfTheSticks. We started talking and played on the server...
    2. Emirry

      Who's excited?

      The New Trap doors :P
    3. Emirry


      I'm glad the Rail thing was taken out, I am sure a few people were exploiting it. And I am glad now that you have to decide if its worth your money to go to the Boss warp now.
    4. Emirry

      New Server, New Plugins

      I think that with the reset and the debuffs in the crates we could use some new plugins. Brewery is one I think would be fun to have on here. You can make different alcoholic drinks and get drunk with your neighbors. Another plugin that I don't know will either help or not would be SlimeFun...