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    • Hey dude, my username is Cloud_Nothing and I was hoping to appeal to a ban, I was banned 11/4/2018 for taking some things from a chest i found in the wild, Kesume banned me and if you could help me I'll return what I took from it. I've been playing vulengate for a few weeks and I really like the house I built there.
      Congrats on Staff Darth! I don't know if you remember me but I used to play on red when the server was really popping. I also won your horse race in your town.
      I don't play on Vulengate much anymore, but I just checked in and realized you are a staff member now. Congrats!
      I most sincerely appologise if I did grief someone even in a minor way. All I can think is that it involved the Taiga Biome, where I had done an RTP to in search of Podzol. I was busy digging away and looked up and noticed a fence, at which point I promptly left the area. So, you may give my appologies to the person who's area I transgressed, as I try to be very careful not to cause grief to anyone.
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