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      LanRooks Intro

      Hello and welcome to the server! I don't play on blue much but I stop by from time to time and I look forward to seeing you around :)
    2. CarrotSoup

      Well..Better now than never

      Aw Punda I didn't see that you posted an introduction. We're so happy to have you on the server and I enjoy seeing you around :)
    3. CarrotSoup


      Hi welcome to the server :) Let myself or any other staff members know if you need anything, and I hope to see you around!
    4. CarrotSoup

      Holmen22 Introduction.

      Hi welcome to the server! It's nice to meet you :) Always interesting to meet players from all over the world. I think I'd love to visit Norway one day. Hope to see you around!
    5. CarrotSoup


      Hello and welcome to the server! So glad to hear that you're enjoying it. Which server do you play on? :)
    6. CarrotSoup

      Lets Count!

    7. CarrotSoup

      Sci-fi/Space Build Event Submission

      Carrotsoup Red -4501 72 393 (Path to the observatory) -4585 206 -393 (Comet in the air) Build Includes the mountain, observatory, and comet Screenshots:
    8. CarrotSoup

      Just a question (plz read)

      Yes it is :)
    9. CarrotSoup

      Beta player. Still love the game!

      Hi! so happy to hear that you're enjoying the game and the server! I feel the same way I always find myself coming back to Minecraft, can't seem to get enough :)
    10. CarrotSoup


      Welcome to the server! Glad you've chosen us. :) Do you play on red, blue, or green?
    11. CarrotSoup

      Three Word Game

      engulfed the house
    12. CarrotSoup

      Elysium Town Application

      Town Name - Elysium Which Server - Red Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - -4439, 79, -269 Town Mayor - Carrotsoup Town Population - 10 Town Status - Open
    13. CarrotSoup

      What is the most scary/terrify experience irl for you guys?

      Probably around 5 years ago me and a few friends were feeling adventurous and we found the entrance to a storm drain on a hill that was just wide enough for us to crawl through. There were bugs and water and debris and probably lots of other things in there that should have deterred us but we...
    14. CarrotSoup

      Elysium Grand Opening on Red

      After months of work i've finally decided to open the town of Elysium to the public! Just /mail me or /msg me (carrotsoup) on the red server and I'll give you a tour of the town. Citizens have the option of purchasing a plot, or buying one of the many pre-built homes in town. I am also offering...
    15. CarrotSoup

      Lets Count!