We have finally finished with all of the resets. There are now 3 new servers for everyone to enjoy. To those that still wish to play on the old world with their old items, you can connect to them using for the Red Server and for the Blue Server. Donor Ranks will have to be restored for Red and Blue just like they were on Green.
After many hours of work, the Green server is finally ready for release! You can join the server from the Hub and start playing today. Regarding the reset announcement yesterday, for those that did not see our post in discord, we will be postponing the reset. This is what was said on Discord:

"After listening to the community and having a discussion with Kage, we have come to the decision of postponing the deletion of the current Red and Blue. They will be renamed to Old Red/Blue and will be accessed from a different IP address. There servers will be provided with minimal support and will be overlooked by Kage. I will do one last content update ( Boss & Crate ) as a final goodbye before shutting down the two servers for good. The way we handled the reset wasn't the best, so hopefully some of you will forgive us. You will have a couple more months to do anything else you wanted to do. Green will be released today and the new Red & Blue will come soon after. More information will come of this after its all set up."

Now lets talk about some of the new features you can find on Green!

We've gone and polished the spawns look and feel, giving it a more full and lush look. You will find that there is more attention to detail and a much cleaner build style.

We now have Quests! For the moment they are just daily quests, but we are excited about this feature and plan to work some more on it to give it more depth. Complete daily quests to receive keys as a reward!

The old Market Area has...​
This is something that I don't think people will be happy to hear. Unfortunately we have decided to do a complete reset of Red and Blue. Please read this entire post as it will include some important information.

So basically for the past few weeks we have been having numerous issues with Red and Blue. The worlds have gotten too big. We struggle to keep the servers functioning properly because of it. On top of that when the new 1.13 update comes around, we won't be able to expand the world to generate any of the new content. We also aren't able to apply the new content updates that Green will have. So basically if we are to leave Red and Blue as they are, you would see no progression in the servers quality and things would just be getting worse day after day.

I would like to say that we didn't really want to have to do this. I spent a lot of time thinking of any other options we could take to go about this, but a reset seems to be the best one. I spent some time flying around looking at what everyone has built and it made me feel really bad to have to do something like this. Please do not view us as some bad people that don't care and just deleted all of your things. We really appreciate everyone who has spent time on the server and are really impressed by some of the things people have built. For the server to remain in a healthy state, resets are required. We cannot progress without them.

You are able to save your buildings in a schematic by downloading the Schematica Mod. This mod will allow you to create a schematic of your building which you can use to paste in to single player worlds or use them as a guide to rebuild them. We will also upload each of the servers world for people to downloaded, sadly each world compressed is over 70 GB.

So here is everything summed up:
Red and Blue will reset on...

Something we have been working on has finally reached a point where it is almost ready to be released. Before we can do that, we need some people to help us test it out! Some of you probably already know that this said "something" is. Anyway, if you would like to help out Vulengate in a big way and join a Beta Testing team, reply to this thread with the following!

- Your In Game Name
- Why you would like to join the Beta Testing
- Discord Name

Give other people you think should be beta testers a like on their post!

Please note that we are looking for people that are willing to spend time playing on the game to make sure everything is functional! Anything that is too overpowered, broken or can be exploited must be reported!

Looking forward to seeing who gets in, good luck!


We have been using our other website for quite a while now and it is time to say goodbye to it. This is going to be Vulengates new official website where people can come catch up on the latest news and interact with each other. Please make sure you sign up and introduce yourself in the introductions forum to everyone again! This website has way more features and we are very excited to put them to use.

The website is still being worked on, so don't expect everything to be here already. For real, register and make yourself a new account and start posting.
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